The modern equipment of the company, the trained human resources and the organization
of its facilities can serve even the most demanding needs for transport of containers in any
size, all over Greece.


The services offered aim at the satisfaction of the customers and the partners of the
company, as parts of the supply chain, strengthening its good reputation in the field of
container road transport.


  • 46 Trucks
  • 11 Container Lifting Machines
  • 69 Τrailers


  • Safe national road transport
  • Lift on/off of full and empty containers
  • Ability to provide electricity for 30 high reefer containers
  • Cleaning of inappropriate to load/dirty containers
  • Deposit of containers in the depot
  • Container Sale
  • Container Hire
  • Weighing of Containers


At the same time, for the best possible service of our customers, we maintain partnerships of years with a large number of other transport companies in Thessaloniki and Volos.

Operating Days

The company is open 24 hours/ 7 days for the immediate satisfaction of customers.


Security services are offered by a security company that patrols the depot at regular intervals during the day (19: 00-7: 00 and weekends). There is also a 24-hour security system with cameras that offers the ability to monitor and record video, with similar software installed on terminals, even on mobile phones.


The 44 trucks we have are equipped with positioning systems (GPS). The transmitters that are placed in each truck provide accurate information about their position, speed and direction of movement, but even about their fuel consumption. Also, with similar software, the position of each truck is displayed graphically.

Container management

Τhe company manages a large volume of containers annually. Indicatively, we present the numbers for 2021.

  • 2021
  • 38207 import containers
  • 11917 export containers

Warehousing – Logistics

The company also has a storage space of 4,100sqm, on a plot of 10,000sqm next to its main facilities in Thessaloniki. This space can be used to offer storage and logistics services.


The company guarantees reliable delivery of containers according to the schedule.

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