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Sidiropoulos Transport S.A

Sidiropoulos Transport S.A is a leading company in the container management and transportation sector in Northern Greece. The company has a long experience and has been active in the field of national road transport since 1960.

With more than 50 years of operation, Sidiropoulos Transport SA is one of traditional forces in the field of national road transport.



The company ‘Sidiropoulos Transport SA’ operates in the national road container transport field for decades.


With the legacy of the company’s history and driven customer service, President and CEO, Sidiropoulos Paraskevas, has established the infrastructure to ensure a positive future for the company and its partners. His vision is the recognition of the successful efforts of customer satisfaction.

Historical Flashback

1960: The company is established in Lachanagora, Thessaloniki, as an individual enterprise. The main activity is the transportation of clay with privately owned trucks.

1962: The activity of the company expands to the transport of raw materials in factories with chemical matter.

1980: and change of activity. The company now operates as a transport company of containers.

2004: Moving and expanding business area. The company is no longer located in Lachanogora, but in Kalochori, because of the need to be expanded and located closer to Thessaloniki Port Authority.

2006: The company hires the depot in Volos for the container management in the Port of Volos.

2012: The company strengthened under the Regional Operational Programme Macedonia Thrace for the program “Modernization of Land Freight Road Transport” with the NSRF 2007-2013 to modernize its fleet, its facilities and its organizational structure.

2015: Implementation of Road Safety Management System according to the requirements of International Standard ISO 39001: 2012. Inspection and certification of Road Safety Management System was made by the company TUV Hellas A.E.

2016: 3 new technology trucks are added to the company’s fleet.

2017:  Increase of the company’s fleet to 30 trucks. Increase of the company’s trailers to 48 in total. Upgrade of the main electrical power network of the company. The voltage is increased in order to improve supply of containers-refrigerators.

2018: Increase of the company’s fleet to 32 trucks. Increase of the company’s trailers to 50 in total.

2019: Increase of the company’s fleet to 33 trucks and the number of trailers to a total of 54, for the most efficient service of our customers. Increase of the company’s loading and unloading machines for more efficient management of assets. 2 new additional machines forklifts were purchased.

2020: Increase of the company’s fleet to 40 trucks. Increase of the company’s trailers to 63 in total.

2022: Increase of the company’s fleet to 42 trucks. Increase of the company’s trailers to 64 in total.

Nowdays, Sidiropoulos Transport SA is still located in Kalochori and its operation is still the management of containers. The next big step of the company is to offer logistics services and thus provide a wide range of integrated supply chain solutions to its customers.

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